Biology Scavenger Hunt

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  • I will be able to navigate my biology book.


  • Question of the Day: If you could have a super power, what would you choose to have? Why? What super hero name would you choose?
  • Biology Scavenger Hunt: Here is your chance to get familiarized with your text book, for Mrs. Westall to learn a little about you and for you to learn a bit about each other.  What ever you do not finish is HOMEWORK!



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Meeting 2.23.2012

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Today we will be spending our time going through results of the area contest.  We will get through what we can, if we do not cover all the tests I highly encourage you to log back into your test and use it as review.  Here are the steps to get to the log in area:

  1. Go to Purdue University WL Open Campus.
  2. Log in using your username and password.  If you have forgotten your username and password send me a text and I can send it to you.


Area Contest 2.16.2012

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Area Contest will be held tonight at Ivy Tech in Crawfordsville.  We are starting at 7 so please don’t be late!  If you can not make it tonight please let me know so I can get you log in information to take the Area Contest at home before March 10th.


Meeting 1.26.2012

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We get to have a meeting!!!!!


  • Judging team – Julie Lovall and Micky Creech are working on putting together this year’s Montgomery County 4H Horse Judging Team.  If you are interested please contact Julie ([email protected]) or Micky ([email protected]).  You can find both of them on Facebook also.
  • Clean-a-Stall-athon - To help raise money for our entry fees and hopefully T-shirts we are going to clean stalls for local farms.  We are going to be treating this like a walk-athon where you get sponsors to pay you per stall you clean.  I have a couple farms lined up but we could use more stalls to clean.  So if you know anyone who is will to let you guys clean their stalls for a day, please let me know!
  • Guest Presenter – Autumn Cline

Autumn Cline

Autumn will be introducing us to the ins and outs of horse judging.  Autumn is owner & trainer with Cline Quarter Horses.  She has an extensive show career including Quarter Horse Congress Showmanship Champion and Buckskin Worlds Champion in showmanship.  In addition to her show career, Autumn is also passionate about horse judging. She has won many National & top 5 titles while participating on a 4-H team & then on Purdue’s Horse Judging Team. She currently holds her Indiana & Illinois 4-H Judges Card and is working on acquiring various breed cards. She is the North Montgomery FFA Horse Judging Team Coach which allows her to continue to share her passion and education.


Meeting 11.17.2011

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Novice & Juniors

Intermediates & Seniors


Welcome to the First 2011/2012 Hippology Meeting!!!

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Area IX Contest

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The Newton County Extension Office is hosting the Area IX Horse and Pony Hippology and Horse Bowl this year!  The contests will take place on Saturday, February 5.  We will be doing registration  in the Large Conference Room in the Newton County Government Center, Morocco, IN.  Times are as follows (All times are in  CENTRAL Standard Time):

  • 8AM – Hippology Starts (THAT IS 9AM OUR TIME YAY!)
  • Horse Bowl will start immediately following Hippology

Junior Division is 3rd – 5th grade, Intermediate division is 6th – 8th grade, and Senior Division is 9th and above.

PLEASE NOTE:  Morocco is about an hour and 45 minute drive from Crawfordsville.  You you need a ride let me know and we will get you there!

Horse Judging

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Today’s meeting covered the basics of horse judging.  We ran through the Horse Judging Basics PowerPoint and then practiced judging a few classes.  If you would like to practice more classes visit Texas A&M’s Animal Science department for enough classes to last you hours.


The Mouth

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During our meeting today we focused on a very important part of the horse, the mouth.  Novices worked on a crossword puzzle to identify different bits and the rest of the group created a time line for aging horses based on teeth development and wear.

Novice Crossword Puzzle

Teeth Time line Assignment

At the next meeting (December 16th, 2010) our topic of discussion will be equine genetics.  Come with your thinking caps on, genetics are very interesting but a complex and challenging topic!

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